Sterling Silver (925/1000) Medieval-inspired Pendant

Index Price: $NZ 290

This non-period design has three sources of inspiration. The body derives from the Highland Scots' Targe (a round shield) used from the 15-18th Centuries. The bosses (domes) derive from the Anglo-Saxon "Strickland brooch" from the mid-9th Century C.E. (held by the British Museum) and also evoke a Targe which has seen some use!

The pendant's format looks back to 8th Century bracteates worn by the Norse ('Vikings'). Bracteates were thin gold medallions - frequently single sided coins - worn as pendants. The metal was so thin that the stamping could be seen on the reverse.

This pendant is handcrafted from solid Sterling Silver (925/1000). It is 50mm x 1.0mm and weighs 24.5 gms. It is suspended upon a round 2mm diameter black leather neck-thong with hand-crafted Sterling Silver findings.

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