The Wizard of New Zealand's
Cosmology-Glyph Pendant

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(Display by permission of the Wizard)

100828 wizard pendant The Wizard of New Zealand, QSM - a legend in his own lifetime - is a fascinating man. I find his Cosmology compelling as it is perhaps the most thorough modern look at how the Universe works.

As the Wizard had done me the honour of Blessing the new establishment at the Official Opening of my original premises in Oamaru, I wanted to give a tangible mark of appreciation. I decided to attempt a two-dimensional representation of his multi-dimensional "Tree of Life" model (basing it on the "Flying Shaman's Tree of Life" glyph).

During the design phase I took into account that the glyph-pendant would need to be both robust (as it would be worn in all weathers and with both Summer and Winter robes) and of substantial size (for maximum visibility in crowds).

The final decision was to make the double-headed eagle from brass plate, and the spirals representing "Intentionality" and "Extensionality" from copper and brass wire respectively (ideally these would be silver and gold, but cost was a factor!). Finished size: 7cm x 12cm.

The Wizard was pleased, and I now have the privilege of being "Goldsmith/Jeweller by Appointment" to His Wizardness.

(If you'd like an explanation of the glyph you can find it here).

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