Sterling Silver (925/1000) & Garnet Medieval Cross

Index SOLD  Price:  $NZ 350 (estimate)    Available on Order - expect 2 weeks for making and delivery.

101212 stg and garnet medieval cross Inspired by Byzantine and Medieval crucifixes, which were a standard item of jewellery for both sexes and all classes, made in a variety of materials from wood to gold. The original type would have used either uncut or early simple table-cut stones.

In this case the backs of some crudely faceted garnets have been set upright to give an idea of the appearance of uncut gems. The mountings are traditional "dog-tooth" or serrated edge settings. Weight: approximately 20 gms Sterling Silver.

The pendant is supplied with a garnet-red velvet ribbon which is tied at the back of the neck. (Other suspenders available by agreement).

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