Sterling Silver (925/1000) Treble-clef Necklace
- Co-Commission

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110104 treble-clef stg necklace

This musical-themed necklace is a co-creation by the Client and the Goldsmith.

The principle of multiple identical units joined together to create a chain is an ancient one, dating back to at least 200 Greece. The first such units (or links) were either cut from thin metal sheet ("opus interrasile") or made from twisted wire, and no soldering was required.

The idea of using simplified treble-clefs as units came from "Making Wire Jewellery" by Helen Clegg. In this commission, the client is a musician, so the units in the book were modified to accurately represent treble-clefs, and the client made half of the units herself. The Sterling Silver (925/1000) units are suspended from a velvet ribbon which is tied behind the neck, and the necklace can be worn short (double strand) or long (single strand).

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